Enrichment Programs

After-School Activities

Monday thru Friday from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.
After-School activities are in session from September thru June.

Please inquire for current openings and available time slots.



Kindergarten to Grade 3 (By Level)

Catch Up
, Keep Up and Get Ahead!

Start below grade level to catch up quickly
Strengthen skills to keep on track with current grade
Jump start to the next grade level to get ahead in class!

Today, more than ever, it is essential for early learners to be equipped with the necessary academic knowledge and basic skills to succeed in school achievement. Academic Support offers one-on-one or small group tutorial-style lessons tailored to the specific academic learning needs of each individual child. We use standardized materials, instructions and reinforcement focused in critical subjects such as Math, Reading and Writing, to build a solid foundation in core concepts required at each grade level.
Designed to strengthen your child’s skills, build confidence, and help him and her excel in class and beyond, your child will gain adequate exposure and mastery with a range of texts, skills and applications. Best of all, our child-friendly teaching method makes learning fun and simple to understand!



Beginners & All Levels


Music ignites all areas of child development.

Ukuleles are great because of their size, weight, portability, easiness, and sound.




Academic SupportPer Student
Private Lesson (60 minutes) - one-on-one lesson¥39,200 / 8 lessons
Private Lesson (30 minutes) - one-on-one lesson¥22,400 / 8 lessons
Small Group Lesson (60 minutes) - 3 students minimum of similar level to start a new class¥32,000 / 8 lessons
Small Group Lesson (30 minutes) - 3 students minimum of similar level to start a new class¥18,400 / 8 lessons

UkulelePer Student
Private Lesson (30 minutes)¥16,000 / 8 lessons
Group Lesson (60 minutes) - minimum 3 students¥16,000 / 8 lessons
Group Lesson (30 minutes) - minimum 2 students¥12,000 / 8 lessons

*Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable for lessons a student misses for any reasons.
*No credit, refund or make-up lessons will be owed if HIH must close due to inclement weather, natural disaster or other emergency circumstances beyond our control.

Summer Activities

Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.
Summer activities are in session during July and August.



AGES 3-6 

Summer opportunities for learning, exploring, and growing! Join us for one week or an entire summer of fun and educational activities.


Summertime Fun is divided into 7-weekly sessions. Each day is structured to engage young minds with a healthy balance of theme-based learning, creative arts and games combined with an array of exciting outdoor activities including water play!! You will find everything your child will need to fill those summer days with non-stop fun and stimulating learning experiences.



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