Early Years Education Programs


Ages 4-6


Give your child the gift of time to build skills, knowledge and confidence before the big school.

Hand In Hand specializes in a two-year kindergarten program to give your child the benefit of an additional year to develop a solid foundation and master the newer, more elevated academic skills that are first grade expectations and standards of today.

Our Kindergarten serves as an ideal bridge from preschool to elementary school, driven by both a transitional and an accelerated curriculum. Children at this age want to be part of the “community of learners” who can read and write, add and subtract, appreciate and explore science and technology, and discover cultural and family diversities. Building on this excitement, we tailor our curriculum which enables children to love learning while creating a foundation that will continue to serve them throughout the rest of their lives.

Each day, we place a strong emphasis on literacy and math, and dedicate blocks of structured work time to skill mastery. Kindergarteners then participate in hands on activity-based learning; exploring, investigating, hypothesizing, creating and discovering topics of their interest in science, health and social studies.

Rather than pushing the younger kinders ahead of their developmental age, we take them where they are and allow them a deeper understanding of important learning concepts. This fosters comfort and confidence in our 4 year-olds to continue their second year in kindergarten successfully.

For our 5 year-olds, we encourage and entice them to move forward by setting the bar a bit higher when the child is ready, an opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy the thrill of discovery.

Offering a perfect balance between creative play and exploration, and more formal academic instruction, we make sure your child’s day is both engaging and enjoyable. Children learn to work and play constructively, developing concepts, skills and work habits that continually reinforce each other and prepare them for increasingly challenging academic and social adventures ahead.


In Kindergarten, YOUR CHILD WILL:

ACHIEVE phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and spelling

BECOME better readers by improving reading rate, accuracy and expression powered by proven literacy program

DEVELOP joy and motivation of reading when introduced to various genres of “just-right books” at their current level

MASTER handwriting skills and fine motor skills

PRACTICE essential math skills applied to everyday life focusing on same and different, adding and subtracting, shapes, writing numbers, pattern, problem-solving and analytical abilities

CULTIVATE critical thinking skills as they begin to express their thoughts and questions more comfortably in group discussions

ENGAGE in specialized theme-based activities focused on important science and social studies topics

DISCOVER creativity though arts & crafts and music

INCREASE independence, character development and social behavior skills

ENJOY a healthy dose of physical activities during P.E. and everyday park time


Schedule Options


5 Full-Days
Mon – Fri
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
5 Extended-Days
Mon – Fri
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM



Preschool and Kindergarten at HIH are based on a progressive and comprehensive readiness program. Our curriculum framework is unique to us, drawn from research and best practices of internationally established early childhood education models. It is also a flexible curriculum that can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of all young learners.

Our teachers approach learning to respond to individual differences to help each child  develop knowledge and abilities of early childhood standards. We believe this blend offers children the well-rounded experiences and skill-set needed for their future school success.

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Need an early drop off or a late pick up time? Suppose your schedule doesn’t fit with school hours?

No problem!

Consider our flexible before-and-after-school childcare as a convenient option for you and your child.



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