Toddler Daycare Membership & Fees

Step-By-Step Process

A child must be 12 months (walking without assistance) to 36 months of age to register.



Contact us by phone, email or using the inquiry form to provide your preferred daycare start date and weekly routine schedule. We will get in touch with you to confirm space availability. If we are full, we will let you know what’s available as an alternative schedule that might meet your needs.



Once you have confirmed availability and decided that Hand In Hand is a good fit for your family, register in our Child Care Programs by completing the ONLINE REGISTRATION.  A one-time, non-refundable 5,000 yen registration fee is paid at this time. When you complete and submit the online form, you will be redirected to the secure payment environment of the PayPal website. You may pay by credit card or with your PayPal account if you have one.



After you have completed the registration process, you will then need to download and complete the DAYCARE MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT which is a fill-able PDF form. (If you have problems, download a newer version of Acrobat Reader) Fill out the form completely and save it to your computer.



Attach the completed Daycare Membership Agreement in an email to Make sure to write “child’s full name – Daycare Membership Agreement” on your email subject line.



Upon confirming registration and receiving the Daycare Membership Agreement, we will email your initial invoice which includes the 12-Month Membership Fee and the monthly Daycare Fee. Payments are made by bank transfer or online with a credit card.



Daycare Fees

Weekly Routine Hours of CareMonthly Fee
9 Hours per week¥39,000
12 Hours per week¥51,000
15 Hours per week¥63,000
18 Hours per week¥75,000
25 Hours per week¥83,000
30 Hours per week¥99,000
35 Hours per week¥115,000
40 Hours per week¥131,000
*Monthly daycare fees are based on a pre-set number of combined weekly childcare-hours.

Other Fees

Registration Fee¥5,000One-time fee paid at the time of registration.
12-Month Membership Fee¥42,000Non-prorated fee paid with first month’s daycare fee and renewed annually thereafter.
Additional Care¥1,600Hourly rate paid for additional care used between 9AM to 5PM.
Morning and Evening Care¥2,000Hourly rate paid for care provided before 9 AM and after 5 PM.

Toddler Daycare FAQ

How far advance can I reserve a spot for my child in Daycare?

We can hold a spot for a child for up to two months with a full month’s daycare fee paid in advance as a Holding Deposit. We may hold a spot for less than 10 months but more than 2 months with full year’s daycare fee paid in advance as an extended Holding Deposit.

Our family is planning a long vacation over the summer. Do I still need to pay for the month my child will be absent from Daycare?

Toddler Daycare fee is a fixed monthly fee regardless of attendance or the days of care provided in any given month. Daycare fees will remain payable in full for the entire 12-months of membership unless and until membership is cancelled. Daycare fees will not be reduced, exempted or refunded for absences due to illness, vacation, public and HIH-designated holidays, emergency closures or for any other reasons.

Will I be able to change my child’s schedule?

Generally, schedule changes cannot be made. However, a request may be submitted if you wish to increase your child’s attendance. Efforts are made to accommodate a request but we may decline or prolong a request due to limited space and staff availability.

Can my child start Daycare in the middle of a month?

A child may enter daycare at any time of any given month. Daycare fee for any given month is prorated accordingly: Start dates: 1st-6th pays 100%; 7th-14th pays 75%; 15th-22nd pays 50%; 23rd-31st pays 25%

Do I get to make-up for any absences?

We do not offer make-up days.

What is the adjustment / transition process for the first days of daycare?

Your child’s adjustment is important to us. Our staff are trained to support parents and children through the adjustment period. We understand that children react to new situations in different ways. If you feel the need to “ease-in” your child to daycare, we recommend a slow entry process and to keep your child’s time at HIH short for the first few weeks.
We also advise parents to:
1. Bring a transitional object from home — also known as comfort object. This can be your child’s much-loved stuffed bunny or other favorite toy animal, a small blanket, etc. which would help ease the transition between home and day care.
2. Avoid drop-off rush hour which could trigger or heighten your child's anxiety.
3. Keep good-byes short, but not too abrupt. A smile, cheerful good-bye, and a reassuring word that you will be back again are all that is needed. The longer parents prolong departure, the harder it gets on the children. Children are nearly always quick to get involved in the activities as soon as the parent leaves.

What is the lunch policy?

We do not spoon-feed, heat or prepare lunches. If you plan to have your child in attendance during lunch time, please pack a ready-to-eat meal of bite-size portion or finger foods. Children are required to self-feed with minimal assistance.


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