About HIH

At Hand In Hand, we believe that every experience and moments of interaction is an opportunity for children to learn. Our programs incorporate dynamic classroom instruction with experienced teachers devoted to make learning engaging and fun with best possible care and guidance. This devotion has earned us an outstanding reputation and drives our children at every age to achieve skills, knowledge and abilities exceeding early childhood standards.

Whether your child is just beginning to walk, ready to learn the alphabet or needs homework help after school; there is a program for every child here. We know that these first experiences within a school setting will have a long lasting impact on children’s future learning.



We embrace a philosophy of education that combines an enjoyable and nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an academic and care-base programs that address the developmental needs of each child.

Our curriculum, various activities, and daily experiences provide children with opportunities for a fun, enriching and exciting time. We create a positive environment which encourages children to explore their surroundings on a daily basis. Upon completion of our program, we believe that your child’s well-rounded experiences will provide them the necessary strengths for emotional, social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills; and academic excellence.




It is our mission to provide dynamic early education and childcare programs in which children from diverse backgrounds can develop early learning skills and reach their full potential in a supportive, nurturing and happy environment. We strive to be responsive to the needs of our international community.



Care Deeply – With every interaction.
Happiness – Creating happy memories in a fun environment.
Integrity – Being honest and respectful in all relationships.
Support – Build on sharing strengths, accepting support & communicating ideas without competition.
Relationships & Recognition – Build mutual and responsive relationships while recognizing accomplishments.
Excellence – Always listening and learning, strive to be the best by continuously improving and embracing change.
Community – Our people; every child, family member, and staff, make us who we are.





A solid program for every stage of development and learning. Small class sizes with low child to teacher ratio ensuring that each child is given plenty of interaction, time, attention and care.
Daycare - 5:1
Early Preschool - 5:1
Preschool - 7:1
Kindergarten - 10:1
Mixed aged - 7:1 (with children over 3 years old)


We know families today are juggling many commitments so we offer a variety of year-round scheduling options throughout our programs to meet every family needs.


We view our children and their parents as our extended family and establish personal interactions for better guidance and care. Our staff are carefully chosen not only for their experiences and results, but also for their genuine joy in their work with children.


One owner, one administration, with all the benefits that come with a small school.


Enthusiastic teachers and staff with welcoming smiles and nurturing sensibility. Our classrooms, 200 square meters of combined floor space, are colorfully decorated and brightly lit with lots of educational toys, equipment and manipulatives to play with.


The diverse perspectives and experiences of our international families define our school community, and contribute to the growth of each child and help form their vision of the world. Working, learning and playing together teaches us lifelong lessons about appreciating each other, about knowing and understanding each other, about learning from each other.


Hand In Hand children are confident, kind, well prepared, and intellectually curious, making the transition to a new school and a new learning structure for them smooth.
Below is a list of private and international schools our children have matriculated to over the past few years:
• Yokohama International School
• Saint Maur International School
• Horizon Japan International School
• St. Mary’s International School
• Yokohama Eiwa Primary School
• Gyosei International School
• …and various public and private schools around the globe.


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